Our Legacy

The Mukwano industries Uganda limited began operations in the early 1980s in Kampala, Uganda with a single enterprise store dealing in general merchandise and produce.

The first major step in the growth of the company was taken in 1986, in the direction of manufacturing of soap and edible cooking oil. These were the mainstay of the company until the late 1990s when we made a major investment into manufacturing of detergents and plastic products. This etched Mukwano's position at the helm of the manufacturing sector.

Additional investment into production of personal care products such as petroleum jelly and Packaged drinking water further extended our presence in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market segments.

We diversified our business portfolio by investing heavily in agriculture, property (estate) development and logistics.

Today, Mukwano industries Uganda limited employs over 7,000 staff directly and indirectly within our various companies and are among the top 10 largest tax payers in Uganda.