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About Baking Fats

We offer baking fats which will give your food a true natural taste. They are used for baking and deep frying, they are cholesterol free and rich in Vitamins A and E which makes them good for the heart and are available at an affordable price.

Brand Packaging Details

Product Name Pack Type Variations Size / Weight Units/Carton
Tamu Bakers Fat Cartons   10kg 1
Marina Catering Margarine 10kg 1

Baking Fats Products

Marina Catering Margarine

Marina Catering Margarine

Marina Margarine has added ingredients that enhance the taste as well as the aroma.

Marina's soft texture eases application in bakeries and it is treated with preservatives to make it safe throughout the shelf life. It is packed in 10kg only which is convenient for bakers.

Tamu Baking Fat

Tamu Refined Edible Vegetable Fat is a bakers' fat with refined from palm  oil. It is rich in Vitamins A and E, comes in 10Kgs.

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