Mukwano Named As Best Over All At UMA UGITF 2018

19 November 2018 – 9:42am

Uganda Manufacturers Association – Uganda International Trade Fair (UGITF) started from 2nd to 10th October 2018.
The main Sponsors were Nytil and Kiri Bottling Company.
Theme – Enhancing Value Addition Through Industrialization. Our plan to separate the Exhibition floor from the sales points enabled us to interface with potential consumers well. Our focus was on Eagle Rock Plastics, Aquasipi, Nomi, and Sunseed strongly backing our UGITF 2018 Promotion scheme.
We managed to explain to the UMA Judges how Mukwano Group is transforming the economy through Industrialisation – we do value addition in our various manufacturing plants from the growers of the cash crops, which are processed in our various industries to sell both on local and export market and also giving income to everybody in the value addition chain.
Our products got overwhelming compliments from our visitors. Mukwano was named Best Overall Exhibitor at the UMA UGITF 2018.

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Mukwano Industries Uganda Ltd

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