Mukwano Launches New Nomi White in Revamped Handy Buckets

16 August 2014 – 2:00pm

Mukwano Group of Companies has launched the New Nomi White Detergent Powder with improved formulation and packaging.

Mukwano Group CEO Tony Gadhoke (center) at the Nomi launch press conference, flanked by PRO Douglas Mazune and the General Manager-Sales

In line with its corporate culture that emphasizes continuous quest for excellence, Mukwano has quickly followed up the recent improvement in New Nomi White formulation with a handy bucket packaging.

Mukwano PRO Douglas Mazune taking questions from the press at the Nomi Launch

The innovation of the lightweight but stronger bucket packaging makes Mukwano the first company in Uganda to use fully robotic new world class technology for the manufacture and labeling of products. The entire production process of Nomi is now fully automated.

Mukwano Group CEO gives a speech at the Nomi Launch

“The New Nomi white washing powder gives the user extra-rich foam and leaves fabric bright, clean and fresh. The new fragrance, enzymes and powerful stain remover make Nomi mild on hands, putting consumers in a comfort position where they should fear no stain,” Mukwano Group’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Tony Gadhoke said at the launch of New Nomi IML bucket.

Mukwano pioneered the manufacturing of household FMCG products in Uganda in 1986 and today our wide range of products reach nearly all families in the country. Mukwano, the only detergent manufacturer in Uganda, has invested in world class technology and the New Nomi White multiple super-active enzymes have been tested and proven by leading laboratories in Europe.

Mukwano prides in its vision to produce safe and quality brands that constantly nourish and enrich the lives of people in East and Central Africa everyday while conserving the environment and adding stakeholders’ value.

Our commitment to conserve the environment is manifested in the use of bio-degradable material. Our innovation of the lighter but stronger bucket is environmentally friendly. The use of low carbon footprint, low weight and recycleable plastics, are further testimony of Mukwano’s environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

CEO gives out Nomi gift hampers to the Mukwano Channel Partners at the Nomi Launch

Nomi which has been on the East African market for 17 years is a household brand certified by both the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) and Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

Mukwano’s innovation of the bucket is a timely response to consumer needs. Like every incremental change we have had in the past, New Nomi White is already enjoying a rousing reception from the market.

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