Mukwano Industries, in a remarkable collaboration with the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) and with the invaluable support of the Mastercard Foundation, has achieved an extraordinary milestone. Their visionary initiative, launched in 2021, aimed to generate an impressive number of employment opportunities across the entire agricultural value chain over the course of five years.

Driven by their unwavering commitment, Mukwano Industries took it upon themselves to empower farmers by providing them with essential skills and comprehensive training in good agronomic practices and post-harvest handling. This transformative effort involved the meticulous identification and registration of smallholder farmers into cohesive producer groups, all accomplished through the dedicated cooperation of local government leaders and Mukwano’s existing extension service networks at the grassroots level.

Today, the results of their tireless endeavours have surpassed all expectations. In a remarkable display of efficiency and determination, Mukwano Industries has already created over 54,000 jobs within a mere two years, far ahead of their initial projections. This outstanding accomplishment stands as a testament to the exceptional impact they have made in transforming lives and communities.

Recognizing the significance of this monumental achievement, the Private Sector Foundation Uganda, represented by Mr Asiimwe Stephen (The Chief Executive Officer of PSFU) and Mr Apollo Muyanja Mbazzira (Director – of LFS Project Private Sector Foundation Uganda), extended their deepest appreciation to Mukwano Industries. In a fitting gesture, they presented the company with a prestigious certificate of appreciation, symbolizing the profound gratitude felt towards the organization for its exceptional work.

Mukwano Industries’ unwavering dedication to empowering farmers and driving economic growth has undoubtedly made an indelible mark on Uganda’s agricultural landscape. Their remarkable accomplishments are an inspiration to us all, demonstrating the immense impact that visionary collaboration and transformative action can have in fostering sustainable development and improving livelihoods.