Mukwano Group Launches Multiple Product Mama Brand

29 November 2014 – 12:00am

Mukwano Group of Companies’ eventful year of immense product development and innovations hits the climax today with the launch of the Mama brand.

Mukwano Sales and Marketing Team, Head of Sales, Mr. Sangam, Public Relations Douglas Mazune and Head of Marketing Nicola Brown introduce Mama range of products at a press conference at the Mukwano offices.

Mukwano is proud to unveil an extended Mama brand comprising Mama Detergent Powder, Mama Scouring Powder and Mama Laundry Bar Soap for laundry washing. This range offers our customers complete household cleaning solutions.    

Mums today demand more from their washing powder. They expect performance cleaning but at the same time require care and protection for the fabric so that their clothes always look fresh and news for longer.

The Mama formulation is both a powerful cleaner and fabric softener with a wonderful fresh scent of Citrus lemon leaving clothes clean and fragrant.

“With our rich history in the Ugandan Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market, we are delighted to have continuously evolved to match our loyal customers’ needs over the years. The introduction Mama not only strengthens our position but it a clear testimony that we value our customers by always responding to their needs,” Mukwano Public Relations Liaison Officer Douglas Mazune stated.

Mukwano PRLO Douglas Mazune demonstrates to the press on how to wash using Mama handwash laundry detergent while Sangama and Nicola look on.

It is comes in convenient pack sizes of 45g, 500g and 1kg, offering a fantastic  solution for every household across Uganda.

The Multi-purpose scouring powder is another new product of the Mama range and this product is designed to delivers high performance cleaning for kitchen and bathroom use. It is effective in killing household germs 99% and is already available in the Uganda market.

Our scouring powder has been specifically packaged in handy 500g plastic containers and designed in predominantly Orange and Blue colours, similar to Mama Detergent

Households will love Mama Scouring Powder for saving their time because of its cleansing power which removes the toughest stains from kitchen and bathroom utensils and accessories.

 The Mama range of products launch was crowned off with a fun filled Mama float around the city with bikers and stiltsmen making the launch day merry.

Then we have a special Mama Laundry Bar Soap which was recently rebranded is a multi-purpose product with nice lemon scent and exceptional cleaning power is used for both washing fabric and kitchenware. It is our premium bar soap which is also used for bathing by some consumers.

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