Manufacturing operations

Mukwano’s core strengths manifest in production of plastics, packaged drinking water, soaps, powder and Liquid detergents, edible oils and fats and proteins for animal feeds.

Household & industrial plastics

Under the Eagle Rock brand, we produce more than 150 Industrial and domestic plastic items.
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We achieve this using technologically advanced machinery and equipment. Under the Eagle Rock brand, Mukwano produces more than 150 Industrial and domestic plastic items that range from kitchenware to garden furniture and multipurpose crates all manufactured using technologically advanced machinery and equipment and are made of 100% recyclable plastics raw materials. Our recycling facility further reduces the wastage of plastic by recycling all rejects that further points to our commitment towards environmental conservation as part of our responsible investment values.

Personal Care Products

Our personal care products comprise of powder and liquid detergents and hygiene products. Our brands include Nomi, SUPA and Meditex.

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Powder detergents include Nomi White, which is a premium power cleaning washing powder
and Nomi Industrial Detergent powder specially customized for industrial purposes.

Our liquid detergents include SUPA multipurpose liquid detergent, which is a high
performance-cleaning product available in lemon perfume with extra cleaning power.

Our hygiene products include the freshly launched meditex range of hygiene products namely
Meditex hand sanitizer and Meditex Hand Wash that provides round the clock protection from
harmful germs.


AQUA SIPI was the first bottled water in Uganda to receive the ISO 22000 Quality and Food Safety Management Certification.

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AQUA SIPI Packaged Drinking Water is produced in an ultra-modern plant. AQUA SIPI was
the first bottled water in Uganda to receive the ISO 22000 Quality and Food Safety
Management Certification. The fully automated production process of AQUA SIPI relies on
state of-the-art technology to combine meticulous ozonation and U.V. treatment procedures
to produce water of unmatched safety and purity.

Edible Oils & Fats

We manufacture a wide range of cholesterol-free premium vegetable and sunflower cooking oils and fats. Cooking oil brands in this range are Mukwano Vegetable Cooking Oil, Mukwano Soya bean cooking oil, ROKI, Sunseed Sunflower cooking oil, and Tamu baker’s fat.




How We Support The Local Community

 Our Pledge
At Mukwano Industries Uganda limited, we acknowledge that the community in which we operate is an essential component of our business because it is here that we get our resources including staff, suppliers, and other business facilitators who include our customers. It is for this reason that we engage in community programs that seek to uplift the livelihood of the community.

Community Programmes
Environmental Conservation: We are passionate about the environment and protecting it is a viable venture for us, investing heavily in tree and seedling planting campaigns, adopted environmentally friendly biomass fuel in the boilers in our factories as well as run a fully operational plastic recycling plant.

Health: Healthy people are the basis for a healthy community, without a healthy community, the country cannot achieve its long-term development agenda ambitions and therefore committed funds annually to initiatives in the health sector.

Education and Sports: Education is key to a nation’s survival in the 21st century to realize the millennium development goals and therefore we support education and sports project initiatives with the sponsorship of sports tournaments and galas as well as outstanding sports personalities.



Our agricultural operations cover over 30 districts with
an emphasis on the production of oilseed crops mainly sunflower, soya, and maize grain in partnership with over 90,000 rural smallholder farmers. These have had a tremendous impact on improved community livelihoods.

Logistics / Supply Chain

Our extensive distribution network with a fleet of 200 heavy, medium, and light trucks alongside smaller commuter delivery pickups and vans enables us to avail our entire range of products in good condition to consumers at their designated destinations within the delivery times agreed.

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