The manufacturing division that produces plastics, packaged drinking water, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, edible cooking oils and fats, food stuffs and protein meal is at the heart of our operations.

A K Plastics Limited

Under the Eagle Rock brand, we produce more than 150 Industrial and domestic plastic items that range from kitchenware to garden furniture and multipurpose crates. 

These are manufactured using technologically advanced machinery and equipment and are made of plastic raw material which is 100% recyclable.

Oils & Fats Division - Mukwano Industries Uganda Limited

We manufacture a wide range of cholesterol-free premium vegetable and sunflower cooking oils and fats. Cooking oil brands in this range are Mukwano Vegetable Cooking Oil, Mukwano Soyabean cooking oil, ROKI, Sunseed and Tamu baker's fat.

Mukwano Personal Care Products Limited
MPCPL is the home of powder and liquid detergents, personal care and hygiene products.

Nomi White is a premium power-cleaning washing powder. Nomi Industrial Detergent Powder is also available, specially customized for Industrial Purposes.

MPCPL also manufactures skincare products like Mukwano Family Petroleum Jelly and Mukwano Family Herbal Jelly.

Also manufactured is SUPA liquid detergent, a high performance cleaning product available in lemon dash.

The Beverages division manufactures Aqua Sipi Packaged Drinking Water in an ultra modern plant. It was the first bottled water in Uganda to receive the ISO 22000 Quality and Food Safety Management Certification. The plastic bottle and cap are designed to be lightweight for a lighter carbon footprint and thus environmentally-friendly. Aqua Sipi Packaged Drinking Water also conforms to Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) and Halal Bureau certification guidelines and is manufactured in adherence to the strictest standards of quality.

A recycling facility further reduces wastage of plastic by recycling all reject bottles, further underlining our commitment towards environmental conservation as part of our responsible investment values.