Our Pledge

At Mukwano Industries Uganda limited, we acknowledge that the community in which we operate is an essential component of our business because it is here that we get our resources including staff, suppliers and other business facilitators who include our customers. It is for this reason that we engage in community programs that seek to uplift the livelihood of the community.

 Community Programmes

  • Environmental Conservation: We are passionate about the environment and protecting it is a viable venture for us. We have invested heavily in tree and seedling planting campaigns. We have adopted the environmentally friendly biomass fuel in the boilers in our factory. Furthermore, we have a fully operational plastic recycling plant.
  • Health: Healthy people are the basis for a healthy community. Without a healthy community, the country cannot achieve its ambitions. We commit funds annually initiatives in the Health sector
  • Education and Sports: Education is key for a nation's survival in the 21st century. That is why we support education projects. Education also goes hand in hand with sports. We support sports development through the sponsorship of sports tournaments and galas as well as outstanding personalities.