Supa Multi Purpose Perfumed Liquid Detergent

About Supa

Supa is a top grade fresh lemon flavored liquid detergent. It can be used with both hot and cold water, on kitchen utensils and for general cleaning.

It comes in, 500ml, 1L and 5L bottles, 10L and 20L jerry cans,  available in the perfumed or non-perfumed variants.

Brand Packaging Details

Product NamePack TypeVariationsSize / WeightUnits/Carton
Supa Liquid Detergent - Lemon / Perfumed / Non PerfumedPet Bottle 50ml24
Jerrycan 5ltr4

Supa Products

Supa Liquid Detergent Lemon Dash

Supa Liquid Detergent (Lemon Twist)

This is a multipurpose liquid detergent that has fresh lemon fragrance for long lasting effect. It is concentrated for that extra cleaning power that removes stubborn stains, dirt and grease.. It is gentle on hands, leaving them soft and clean after use.

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