Chapa Nyota

Chapa Nyota Perfumed Laundry Bar Soap

About Chapa Nyota

Chapa Nyota is a perfumed laundry bar soap that comes in blue and brown colors. Chapa Nyota soap gives an exceptional wash and lasts longer.

Brand Packaging Details

Product NamePack TypeVariationsSize / WeightUnits/Carton
Chapa Nyota Laundry Bar Soap - Blue / BrownCartons 600g10

Chapa Nyota Products

Chapa Nyota Laundry Bar Soap

Chapa Nyota Laundry Bar Soap

Chapa Nyota is one of Mukwano brands that enjoy a rich heritage. For generations Chapa Nyota's high performance and rich lather have consistently satisfied consumers. We recently breathed new life into Chapa Nyota with improved perfumes, (Pine Lavender for the Blue Chapa Nyota and Oud for the brown), maintaining it's position as the original star of laundry soaps.

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