Agriculture Operations

Our agriculture operations are mainly based around Lango sub-region in northern Uganda, with emphasis on production of oil seed crops, mainly sunflower and soya. We operate production facility in Lira, both under Oils & fats division - Mukwano industries (U) limited.

Our involvement in the agricultural sector has resulted in:

  • Provision of a livelihood to the communities through formal employment
  • Provision of a steady and reliable market for the farmers' produce
  • Tax remittance to the local and central Government
  • Development of socio-economic infrastructure in the region such as feeder roads
  • Imparting of technical farming knowledge to the farmers through agricultural extension services and demonstration plots
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in sectors of education and health



  • A "win-win" partnership has been achieved by working hand-in-hand with over 72,000 small holder farmers in an out grower program
  • The farmers have been organized into Farmer Groups, supported by over 250 lead farmers and production officers.
  • Our involvment has resulted in a 400% increase in sunflower production in the region. Currently over 60,000MT of grain is purchased from farmers annually.
  • Crushing of sunflower and soya for edible oil and animal feed cake.
  • Solvent Extraction Plant (SEP) to further extract residue oils in sunflower and soya cake.
  • Milling of maize flour
  • Silo storage systems to maintain quality of the grain