Agriculture operations

Our agriculture operations are mainly based around the Lango sub-region in Northern Uganda, and extend to West Nile, Bunyoro, and parts of Eastern Uganda, and cover over 30 districts. The emphasis is on the production of oilseed crops, mainly sunflower and soya as well as maize.

A partnership with over 90,000 rural smallholder farmers was developed, facilitating them to grow oilseed crops through the provision of affordable planting seeds, farm inputs, and technical know-how, resulting in a significant increase in oilseed production in Uganda. Lira, the processing home for our agricultural produce has a complex comprising of modern grain storage facilities, oilseed crushing, and maize flour milling.

Our involvement in the agricultural sector has resulted in:

  • A “win-win” partnership has been achieved by working hand-in-hand with over 90,000 smallholder farmers in an out-grower program.
  • The farmers have been organized into Farmer Groups, supported by over 250 lead farmers and production officers.
  • Provision of a livelihood to the communities through formal employment.
  • Provision of a steady and reliable market for the farmers’ produce.
  • A 400% increase in sunflower and soya bean production in the country. Currently, over 60,000MT of grain is purchased from farmers annually.
  • Milling of maize flour.
  • Silo storage systems to maintain the quality of the grain.
  • Imparting technical farming knowledge to the farmers through agricultural extension services and demonstration plots.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in sectors of education and health.
  • Solvent Extraction Plant (SEP) to further extract residue oils in sunflower and soya meal.
  • Tax remittance to the local and central Government
  • Development of socio-economic infrastructure in the region such as feeder roads.

Our Product Catalogue

Sunseed Sunflower Premium Cooking Oil

• Ultra refined
• 100% Ugandan sourced
• Rich in vitamin E
• Fortified with Vitamin A
• Cholesterol free
• Low in saturated fat

Mukwano Vegetable Cooking Oil

• Ultra refined oil
• Fortified with Vitamin A
• Cholesterol free
• Made from a blend of palm oil, sunflower oil, and soybean oil

ROKI Vegetable Cooking Oil

• Ultra refined oil
• Fortified with Vitamin A
• Cholesterol free
• Ideal for cooking & frying

Mukwano Soybean Oil

• Ultra refined
• 100% Ugandan sourced
• Fortified with Vitamin A
• Cholesterol free
• Ideal for cooking & frying

Mukwano Star White Laundry Bar Soap

• Perfumed
• Lasts long
• Tough-acting soap
• Thick bar soap
• Effective wash
• Gentle on the hands
• Rich lather

Chapa Nyota Laundry Bar Soap

• Perfumed
• Lasts longer
• Available in blue and brown colors
• Rich heritage brand
• Original star of laundry soaps
• Rich lather

Mukwano Bright Bar Soap

• Perfumed
• Lasts long
• Unique refreshing scent
• Rich lather

Chapa Mukwano Laundry Bar Soap

• Perfumed
• Lasts long
• Available in blue and white colors
• Effective wash
• Gentle on hands
• Rich lather

Mama Multi-Purpose Bar Soap

• Perfumed
• Multipurpose Bar Soap
• Gentle on hands
• Rich lather


• Improved formula
• Extra rich foam
• Leaves clothes brighter, cleaner, and fresher
• Smooth
• Tough on stains
• Soft on fabrics
• Fresh fragrance

Nomi IDP

• For industrial purposes
• For enhanced cleaning requirements

Eagle Rock Plastics

• 150 Industrial and domestic plastic items
• Protection from U.V rays, termites, and weather conditions
• Easy to maintain
• Raw material is 100% recyclable

Meditex Liquid Hand Wash

• Cleanses
• Moisturizes
• Keeps you protected
• Prevents spread of germs

Meditex Hand Sanitizer

• 70% alcohol content
• Kills germs fast
• Keeps you protected
• Prevents spread of germs

TAMU Vegetable Baker’s Fat

• Offers a true natural taste
• For baking and deep-frying
• Refined from palm
• Rich in Vitamins A and E
• Cholesterol free
• Heart friendly

AQUA SIPI Packaged Drinking Water

• Part of you since 2006
• Bottled in an ultra-modern automated plant
• Strictest manufacturing standards
• U.V. treated
• Unmatched safety and purity
• ISO 22000 Certified
• Food Safety Management Certified
• National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) certified
• Halal Bureau certified

SUPA Multi-Purpose Liquid Detergent

• Lemon flavored
• For use both hot and cold water
• For kitchen utensils and for general cleaning
• Long lasting fragrance effect
• Concentrated extra cleaning power
• Removes stubborn stains, dirt, and grease
• Gentle on hands

Shamba Sunflower Seed Meal

• Derivative of sunflower cake
• Highly nutritious
• Rich in protein and crude fiber

Mufigo Soybean Meal

• Derivative of soya bean cake
• Highly nutritious
• Rich in protein and crude fiber

Our Product Catalogue










How We Support The Local Community

 Our Pledge
At Mukwano Industries Uganda limited, we acknowledge that the community in which we operate is an essential component of our business because it is here that we get our resources including staff, suppliers, and other business facilitators who include our customers. It is for this reason that we engage in community programs that seek to uplift the livelihood of the community.

Community Programmes
Environmental Conservation: We are passionate about the environment and protecting it is a viable venture for us, investing heavily in tree and seedling planting campaigns, adopted environmentally friendly biomass fuel in the boilers in our factories as well as run a fully operational plastic recycling plant.

Health: Healthy people are the basis for a healthy community, without a healthy community, the country cannot achieve its long-term development agenda ambitions and therefore committed funds annually to initiatives in the health sector.

Education and Sports: Education is key to a nation’s survival in the 21st century to realize the millennium development goals and therefore we support education and sports project initiatives with the sponsorship of sports tournaments and galas as well as outstanding sports personalities.


Mukwano’s core strengths manifest in the production of plastics, packaged drinking water, soaps, powder, and liquid detergents, edible oils, and fats and proteins for animal feeds.

Logistics / Supply Chain

Our extensive distribution network with a fleet of 200 heavy, medium, and light trucks alongside smaller commuter delivery pickups and vans enables us to avail our entire range of products in good condition to consumers at their designated destinations within the delivery times agreed.

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