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About Mama

The Mama range comprises of Mama Detergent Powder and Mama Multipurpose Bar Soap. Mama brings to your household a complete cleaning solution.

Brand Packaging Details

Product Name Pack Type Variations Size / Weight Units/Carton
MAMA Handwashing Detergent Sachet   1kg 12
500g 24
45g 60 and 72
MAMA Multipurpose Bar Soap Carton   500g 20

Mama Products

Mama Laundry Detergent

Mama Detergent Powder

Mama Detergent Powder has a 2-in-one washing and fabric softening action. MAMA is a more affordable, faster cleaning detergent.

Mama Bar Soap

Mama Multi-Purpose Bar Soap

Mama Multipurpose bar soap is excellent for both kitchen and laundry purposes. It is unique because of the strong Lemon fragrance.

It comes in a cost effective 500g pack

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